Falling Number® – Sprout Damage System

The Falling Number® System measures the alpha-amylase enzyme activity in grains and flour to detect sprout damage, optimize flour enzyme activity and guarantee soundness of traded grain. Alpha-amylase activity is crucial for final product quality of bread, pasta, noodles and malt. Anyone handling wheat, barley, rye or sorghum intended for these applications will benefit from the Falling Number® system. The method is standardized by international bodies such as the ICC, AACCI, ISO and ASBC in the standards.


Basic, Single Analysis Falling Number System

This basic and automatic single analysis system is designed for fast and convenient operation of the Falling Number® test. The design is simple but robust and is very easy and confidently used by all operators. Also, the test is approved by international standards and recommendations such as AACC International Method 56-81.03, ICC Standard No. 107/1, ISO 3093.

Dual Analysis Falling Number System

This is the newest and most modern Falling Number® instrument model and offers many new benefits and improved features. It is a dual analysis system suitable for everyone who requires reliable analysis and high capacity.

It features:

  • Correct FN results
  • Automatic water level control
  • Equipped to test flours with addition of fungal alpha-amylase
  • Altitude correction
  • Faster
  • Auto-start – When test tubes are placed in the water bath
  • Safer
  • Insulated water bath
  • Reduced steam
  • Easier to use