Polar textures have attracted significant attention in recent years as a promising analog
to spin-based textures in ferromagnets. Here, using optical second harmonic generation based
circular dichroism, we demonstrate deterministic and reversible control of chirality over
mesoscale regions in ferroelectric vortices using an applied electric field. The microscopic
origins of the chirality, the pathway during the switching, and the mechanism for electric-field
control are described theoretically via phase-field modeling and second-principles simulations,
and experimentally by examination of the microscopic response of the vortices under an applied
field. The emergence of chirality from the combination of non-chiral materials and subsequent
control of the handedness with an electric field has far-reaching implications for new electronics
based on chirality as a field controllable order parameter.

Read More: https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/2105/2105.14109.pdf

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