Believe it or not, for most of the 150,000 years humans have been walking on earth, adult humans couldn’t drink milk. Before 10,000 years ago, if any adult human, anywhere on the planet, ever drank milk, they would have an extreme physical reaction with pain and cramps. Then something happened.

A genetic mutation appeared that enabled the body to continue producing lactase into adulthood. This seems to have been a distinct evolutionary advantage, even though scientists are unclear on exactly why. It was most likely linked to the animal domestication, humans starting to eat fermented dairy food or maybe simply the fact that raw milk is nutritious and calorie dense. Regardless, since then milk and dairy products have been a central piece of human diet. Providing milk protein, with a large proportion of essential amino acids, that is indispensable for the structure of body cells (such as muscles, organs, skin, hormones, enzymes).

Milk and Milk Products

Today the food industry processes milk in numerous ways and in many different products. Apart from yoghurt and milk it is also used in cheese and bakery products as well as in ice cream production. Milk protein is still one of the most important ingredients that is tracked in all these products. The protein content also plays an important role both for the payment of milk delivered and for determining the breeding value of cows.

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