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As consumers continue to demand smaller, lighter and safer electronic devices, all phases of the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing process, from research and development, to manufacturing and packaging, are challenged with potential trace level chemical contaminations or particulates in the Process, which will cause reliability issues or failure in the end-product.

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EBAC for Semiconductor Failure Analysis

S. Kleindiek, K. Schock, A. Rummel, M. Zschornack, P. Limbecker, A. Meyer, M. Kemmler, Current imaging, EBIC/EBAC, and electrical probing combined for fast and reliable in situ electrical fault isolation, Microelectronics Reliability, 2016/09/18

Using a compact nanoprobing setup comprising eight probe tips attached to piezo-driven micromanipulators, various techniques for fault isolation are performed on 28 nm samples inside an SEM. The employed techniques […]