Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Consumable

We offer an extensive range of smart consumables that can be easily integrated into automated liquid handling workstations and sample prep workflows for mass spec applications. Sample enrichment and clean-up techniques are offered for a wide variety of proprietary extraction technologies, enabling more efficient MS sample prep workflows.



Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Column

The proprietary technology enables a fundamental redesign of the SPE workflow, with clear improvements.

  • Novel air gap prevents sample flow until positive pressure is applied, allowing extended incubation steps in the column
  • 5x smaller elution volumes – micro-elution – enables direct injection into the MS instrument, eliminating evaporation steps
  • Narrower particle size distribution improves extraction efficiency
  • Reduced sample size means faster sample prep and more efficient workflows
  • Cleaner samples adding analytical column lifetime
  • monodispersed particles
  • for extraction of drugs from urine Strong anion exchange (PSAX)
  • high ion exchange capacity
  • for drugs of abuse and pharmaceutical compound clean-up from biological fluids Water wettable polymer (WWP2)
  • hydrophilic-lipophilic balance
  • for acidic, basic and neutral analytes
  • ensures reliable removal of phospholipidsOFXQ and OFQC
  • for extraction from salivaTrace-N and Trace-N20
  • end-capped, hydrophobic, C18-bonded silica
  • most common stationary phase
  • concentrates pesticides, herbicides and other organic contaminants
  • for extraction of hormones and drugs from biofluids

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Plate

Extraction Plate simplifies LC-MS sample prep for apolar small molecules, such as vitamin D, certain therapeutic drugs and testosterone. It speeds up your sample prep routine.

Protein Affinity Capture Tips

Protein Affinity Capture Tips are affinity micro-columns with the capability to capture and purify antibodies and other proteins from various samples.