Rapid Extraction System (Total and Crude Fat Analysis)

This total solution consists of hydrolysis and extraction unit. It has a smart, versatile easy-to-use and enclosed system for controlling solvent volume and a wide range of accessories ensuring safe and effective sample handling. If total fat analysis is needed, the extraction unit can be used as part of the integrated Total Fat procedure that avoids sample transfer and improves sample throughput. The system is flexible and suitable for a wide variety of applications in the feed, food, environmental and industrial sectors.



Hydrolysis Unit

By using our hydrolysis unit for Acid Hydrolysis, making Total Fat determinations more efficient and safe. The hazardous Hydrolysis process can now safely be performed with up to six samples simultaneously. The unique filter brings additional cost and time savings. Beside total fat determinations, it can also be used for fiber determination alternatively.

Extraction Unit

Our distillation unit offers full control of the distillation process at a low cost. The instrument is a Kjeldahl apparatus with full control of alkali, water and steam. There are two versions of the steam distillation system – one with automatic addition of receiver solution and one without. Both can be upgraded to Fully Automation Distillation Unit.Our extraction unit is an automated hot solvent instrument that can extract fat according to official methods. The instrument is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system to reduce extraction time versus manual Soxhlet, still giving the same results as the classical and well accepted Soxhlet. This extraction unit is safer, less time consuming and reducing costs in use of solvents. This unit follows officially approved methods for fat extraction.