Micro-sampling System

Micro-sampling system is a micromanipulator that enables the collection of µm-size objects and processing of samples in a target area with precise motion control. It helps support a variety of processes includes separation of foreign substances, extraction of sample from certain materials using optional milling accessory, FIB lift-out, micro-liquid handling, pinpoint marking, cutting samples and so on. It is especially useful in fields that require strict quality control or studies of advanced materials like high molecular compounds, petrochemicals, electronics and semiconductors.



Stand-alone Micromanipulator

This is an independent micromanipulator arms that can be added to any microscope. This allows the microscope to function as a micromanipulator. Arm operations of each axis (X, Y, Z axis) can be controlled by PC mouse precisely and stress-free. Touch panel interface controls arm motion and allows for programming of motions. Above all, this configuration can easily be extended in future, user has the flexibility to expand the system capabilities depending on budget and purpose.

Custom Designed Micromanipulator Combined with a Microscope

Microscope built-in type micromanipulator is a revolutionary micromanipulation system which fuses zoom microscope controlled by PC software and manipulator for easy operation. It is possible to designed for custom applications for each customer. The system was designed as anyone can operate tiny samples for various analyses smoothly and precisely particularly in repeat operation, time saving. This system can easily be extended in future, so the user can make purchase plan flexibly depending on budgets and purposes.

Fully Cover Micromanipulator Combined with a Microscope

This is the highest micromanipulation system which fuses high ability zoom microscope and manipulator for easy operation. The system achieved remarkable operability and safety by electrically driven all operations and strong full cover body. Full cover body improves performance and safety, so that operator preve nt from accident and contamination. Drawer on the system can store accessories and micro tools.