Diode Array Spectrometer (NIR Analyzer)

Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy is based on the absorptions of molecular bonds in the infrared range (IR). The absorption bands in near infrared (NIR) are overtones and combinations of the fundamental vibrational transitions in the center infrared range. Spectroscopy in the near-infrared range has developed into one of the most up-to-date analysis processes in recent years. With near infrared (NIR) technology, you can achieve multi constituent results in seconds rather than hours, as with traditional chemical analysis methods. Analysis cost is minimal as uses no consumables or chemicals expenditures. Diode array technology allowed us to create an instrument with no moving optical components. This improves accuracy and stability, and means that hardware can be standardized, minimizing instrument differences.


Meat and Olive Analyzer

This rapid and portable NIR analyzer sets new standards for advanced and portable NIR analysis. It is cost effective, accurate, compact, portable, low weight, and battery operated which enabling user to verify raw material compositions, improve consistency and ensure quality of finished products any time, with results in real time. It is designed and calibrated primarily for meat and olive product analysis.

Portable NIR Grain Analyzer

Portable NIR grain analyzer that is rapid, accurate, and battery driven. It measures moisture, protein, and oil in grains and oilseeds. It is equipped with GPS allows for creation of field maps by constituent.

Benchtop NIR Analyzer

It is fast, accurate, easy-to-use, versatile and robust in any type of environment. It combines outstanding analytical accuracy with speed, ease of use and ruggedness. It comes pre-calibrated for a wide range of applications, and determines moisture, protein, fat and many other parameters in all types of samples, i.e whole grains, powders, pastes, pellets, slurries and liquids on one instrument. Case designed for at-line placement. It comes in two versions – one for general use and a stainless steel, sanitary design version, for use in the food industry.

In-line NIR Analyzer

This advanced and accurate In-line NIR analyzer provides results through industry standard communications interfaces. The real-time measurement readings may be displayed on either a dedicated PC with user interface software or be fully integrated in existing plant control and quality management systems. The instrument is specifically designed to measure inside a chamber or vessel. The optical front end protrudes through the wall of the chamber, and the product is presented to the instrument. It is installed in a wide range of agri-food industries for analysis of grains, pellets, pastes, powders, slurries, liquids and more as the product is conveyed through a process.
  • Enables automatic process control
  • Allows immediate manual intervention.
  • Faster start-up and grade changes
  • Complete traceability of the entire production

On-line NIR Analyzer

Similar to in-line NIR, it is an advanced, modern and versatile, but on-line NIR sensor for over-the-belt type real-time measurements. It performs real-time multi-constituent measurements of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and process optimization. Continuous process monitoring helps users to increase efficiency and reduce scrap and re-work while improving product consistency and quality. The instrument performs simultaneous measurement of parameters such as moisture, fat, sugars, protein, starch, fiber and many others. The core diode array technology provides many benefits including durability, stability, accurate measurement of moving products and the ability to track process changes.