Bench-Top Spectrometer (FT-NIR Analyzer)

Full-Wavelength-Range FT-NIR Spectrometer Analyzer

A compact, high-performance full-wavelength range FT-NIR spectrometer suited for a wide array of applications and samples in the food and animal-feed industry. With advanced technical design and fully integrated, robust universal sampling for trouble-free measurements, this FT-NIR system is ideal for food and feed laboratories that need to quickly analyze the quality of ingredients and finished goods to reduce variations in production. It delivers operational simplicity, combining superb performance with low-maintenance design. With integrated touchscreen and PC, the analyzer can be used as a standalone solution, integrated into local networks, or connected to web-based cloud services.

Key features

  • Analysis in less than 30 seconds
  • High-performance, versatile FT-NIR technology
  • Touchscreen operation with intuitive software
  • Calibration transfer from other long-NIR-wavelength instruments