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TEM & STEM Products

TEM Specimen preparation

Cut, etch, polish, and freezing tools for TEM/STEM.

TEM Specimen Holders

Cooling, heating, straining, EDS, cryo- and vacuum transfer tools for TEM/STEM.

TEM Imaging and Spectroscopy

High-performance CMOS, CCD and direction detection cameras, plus EELS, EFTEM & STEM tools.

TEM Analysis

EELS, EDS, EFTEM, STEM, tomography, and 3D analysis tools.

SEM Products

SEM Specimen Preparation

Cut, etch, polish and freezing tools for SEM.

SEM Specimen Stages

Cooling, heating, straining, cryo-transfer and control tools for SEM.

SEM Imaging and Spectroscopy

Cathodoluminescence, electrical property and serial-block face imaging tools.

SEM Analysis

Tomography and 3D analysis tools.

Micro Manipulator & SEM Probing