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TEM & STEM Products

Specimen Preparation
PIPSII, Ultrasonic Cutter, Dimple Grinder II,
Disc Punch and Grinder, Solarus II
Specimen Holders
Heating, Cooling, Cryo Transfer, Straining,
Analytical, Tomography & Multiple Specimen
Imaging and Spectroscopy
GIF Continum and Quantum, Rio, One View, K2
& K3 Camera, STEMx and Vulcan Detectors
TEM Analysis
Gatan Microscopy Suite (GMS)

SEM Products

Specimen Preparation
PECS II and Ilion II System
Heating, Cooling and Tensile
Imaging and Spectroscopy
3View XP, Monarc CL, Digiscan II
SEM Analysis
3D Visualization