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In business since 2001, LT Group of Companies provides a total solution to laboratories in terms of laboratory furniture, analytical supplies and professional consulting. Currently, there are 5 (FIVE) business units sit under LT Group of Companies umbrella – LT Resources, LT Analytic and LT Laboratory Solutions, LT Genesis & Extrad Instrumentation Pte Ltd.


To Be Recognized As The Leading Advanced Scientific Instruments And Analytical Solutions Provider In The R&D, Laboratory And Manufacturing Industry.

Company Vision

To be established as the leading group of companies in the R&D, Laboratory and Manufacturing Industry offering world class quality products and complete
analytical solutions.

Company Values

Passionately motivated to develop and deliver innovative, results-driven and trustworthy solutions meeting our customers needs, actively contributing to their success.

Our Team

We invest in people development. Passionate and well-trained staffs are our most valuable assets. The collective experience of our senior staff has no doubt been a strong contributor to our success.